Remembering France's glory, securing Europe in the age of TrumpArticleFull-text available

  • Oct 2019

Remembering France’s Glory, Securing Europe in the Age of Trump (forthcoming in the European Journal of International Security)ArticleFull-text available

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NATO, liberal internationalism, and the politics of imagining the Western security communityArticleFull-text available

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The oxford handbook of international securityBookFull-text available

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The future of security studiesChapterFull-text available

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Security entrepreneurs: Performing protection in post-cold war EuropeBookFull-text available

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Return of the Public - Ch 2 - Best & GheciuData

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Commodifying security in the Balkans: Between liberal norms and illiberal practicesArticleFull-text available

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Remembering the Roman past, building a European futureArticleFull-text available

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Constructing a new culture of security, reconstituting public power in post-communist EuropeChapter

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Transforming the logic of security provision in post-Communist EuropeChapterFull-text available

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Communities of Security Practices in the Age of UncertaintyArticle

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Securing distant places? Practices of protection in contemporary peace-support operationsArticleFull-text available

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The return of the public in global governanceArticle

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Transforming the logic of security provision in post-communist EuropeArticleFull-text available

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Divided Partners: The Challenges of NATO-NGO Cooperation in Peacebuilding OperationsArticleFull-text available

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NATO and the Challenge of Sustainable PeacebuildingArticleFull-text available

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Divided Partners: The Challenges of Civil-Military Cooperation in Peacebuilding OperationsArticle

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Towards security? The politics of managing risks in twenty-first-century EuropeChapter

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The Imperative to Rebuild: Assessing the Normative Case for Postconflict ReconstructionArticle

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Transcending old divisions? NATO and Russia after the Cold WarArticle

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Introduction—Thinking about Security in the Twenty‐First CenturyChapter

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The EU—Who are ‘We’ and Where is the Enemy?Chapter

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Of Friends and Foes in the Fight Against Terrorism: NATO and the Politics of Norm Promotion in the Twenty‐First CenturyChapter

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The OSCE: Inclusive Security Practices and Their LimitsChapter

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Securing Civilization? The EU, NATO and the OSCE in the Post-9/11 WorldBook

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NATO in the "New Europe": The Politics of International Socialization after the Cold WarArticle

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NATO in the 'New Europe': The Politics of International Socialization After the Cold WarArticle

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